choose a shape

There’s no ‘right’ decision, just think about how you want to use the internal space, what size is suitable, and what will look the best with your style of home.

  • Edwardian


    For maximum space, efficiency and classic clean lines depicting the era from which this design is taken, this conservatory allows full enjoyment of the space it provides.

  • Double Hipped

    double hipped

    Particularly ideal for homes with low eaves, this double hipped style of conservatory gives the option of an elegant elevated roof design.

  • Pavilion


    The Pavilion style conservatory has a key feature which maximises the feeling of a light and airy feel – the wonderful front elevated windows. The Sunburst gable design feature is optional.

  • Gullwing


    This contemporary design has very practical advantages, such as a generous floor area, coupled with the jewel-like quality of the double ended Victorian front, making it an ideal addition to any home.

  • Lean-to


    This rectangular, low pitch roof design is the perfect choice for homes with low eaves, such as bungalows. The functional and spacious design makes an attractive addition to any property.

  • Victorian


    The Victorian style conservatory can be designed to suit almost any property and space. Its gothic style has stood the test of time and continues to inspire.

  • Bespoke


    Create something more tailored to your needs by combining the different shapes. Combine an edwardian and victorian to create a ‘P’ or ‘b’ shape, or combine two different size edwardians into an ‘L’ shape. The additional space afforded with these combinations allow maximum uses – perhaps for dining and relaxing.

consider the capella orangery system

  • capella 1
  • capella 2
  • capella 3
  • capella 4
  • gullwing

Square or rectangular based designs allow for the use of the Capella orangery system. It uses an aluminium high fronted gutter to hide the roof bars, and an internal soffit, to create the appearance of an orangery.

The eye-catching internal soffit allows the use of low voltage down-lights or speakers, which will make your conservatory the envy of your neighbours, without increasing your build specifications to require additional planning permission.