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We’ve look at glass to let the light in, doors to let people in, so how about air! Ventilation is easily overlooked, but in the summer months ensuring you have considered air flow will make for a much more enjoyable environment.

The number of opening vents and windows in your conservatory is very much a personal choice, some people prefer to keep costs down by having a minimal amount of windows, where others prefer the flexibility of a window in every panel.

Start by talking to your supplier about their recommended number of windows for your chosen conservatory size and position.

  • roof vents

    roof vents

    Roof vents are the ideal solution to control the air flow in your conservatory. Available manually operated or electrically controlled (with optional rain sensor for optimum protection), they are designed to fit seamlessly into your roof. Vents shown here may differ from those provided.

  • top openers & tilt ’n’ turn windows

    top openers & tilt ’n’ turn windows

    For maximum control over the air flow in your conservatory, add opening windows. You could choose to have small opening windows in the top of some (or all) of your panels, or have our tilt ‘n’ turn windows in the main area, which allow you to open each window in different directions.