avoid surprises

A little bit of planning now could save you a lot of heartache in the future! Click the tabs below to read about some of the main things to consider.

  • planning permission

    Planning Permission is the decision as to whether or not you can build a particular structure in a particular place.

    Current legislation on “permitted development” to properties means that provided you meet certain criteria, there may be no need to submit a specific planning permission request. You should visit www.planningportal.gov.uk to confirm what criteria will apply to you.

  • building regulations

    Often confused with Planning Permission, but actually a separate consideration, this is a set of standards that have to be followed in the building of a structure.

    England, Scotland & Wales each have their own regulations, and there may be additional local by-laws that you need to be aware of.

    www.planningportal.gov.uk is a good place to find out the details you need to know.

    If your build requires a Building Regulations Application you will need to contact your local authority before you proceed.

  • position

    Don’t choose your desired conservatory size and style without considering the position on the house.

    Be aware of architectural features on the exterior wall, overhanging cables or wires, how it affects access to your garden, and consider your view from upper windows. Think also about the effect on your neighbours.

  • do look down!

    Don’t forget about the base of your conservatory.

    Are there are manholes or other access points that will be covered? Do important pipes or cables run underneath the location?

    Consider what foundation building work will be required, or consider alternative bases.

  • to build or not to build?

    Are you confident in your DIY capabilities? Consider whether it would be appropriate to use the services of a professional installer.

know what to expect during the build

  • Install 1

    The installer will prepare the site, dig the foundations, install necessary drainage and lay a concrete foundation.

  • Install 2

    With the foundations laid and the wall constructed to finished floor level, the installer will now prepare the floor slab.

  • Install 3

    Next, the installer will construct the dwarf wall if required.

  • Install 4

    With the base in position and the dwarf walls completed, the frames making up the conservatory sides are put in place.

  • Install 5

    Next the roof is installed. The installer will glaze the roof & fit the sealed glass units to the side frames.

  • Install 6

    From here, all you have to do is furnish your new conservatory and it’s ready for you to enjoy!