make it easy

When the time comes to build your conservatory, the Carlton Range is designed to make life easy. By using the Konnect Framing System we’ve ensured you’ll be able to fit your conservatory side frames quickly and efficiently.

The Konnect system is made up several unique components, specifically designed for the Carlton Range, that allow you to click, slide and lock all your panels in place with just a single allen key!

The Carlton range uses the Konnect framing system, for quick and easy construction of your frames.


look at how easily the konnect frame system goes together

  • konnect 1

    Sills are cut to size, and are ready for the Sill Support Blocks.

  • konnect 2

    Sill Support Blocks on the panels locate into the sill, and click into position.

  • konnect 3

    Panels engage into Sill and slide into position.

  • konnect 4

    Aluminium Connectors slide down between Panels holding them together.

  • konnect 5

    Rotating the 1/4 turn Buttons with an allen key secures the Panels and ensures they are the correct distance apart.

  • konnect 6

    Once locked into position the Buttons are used to locate the cover strip, for a clean finish.